Teleco provides radio frequency engineering and products for LANS and WANS.

Teleco provides radio frequency engineering and products for LANS and WANS. We give the same attention to detail on the large projects as well as the small projects. Our breadth of deployment and engineering spans the nation. We travel to remote areas to provide RF solutions to enterprise locations as well as to local and regional venues.

Teleco partners with local and national industry leaders providing them with our expertise to enable them to offer more to their own clients. Our staff of RF engineers, consultants, and Cisco wireless security experts give depth to the Wireless Solutions and Designs that we provide to the clients.

Should you have a wireless problem, please feel at liberty to request specific information from us and we will be glad to respond.

Teleco Systems Staff Biographies

Henry Hile

President, Teleco Systems, Inc.
7777 Bonniwell Rd.
Mequon, WI 53097
Phone: 1-414-350-8218
Fax: 1-262-375-6483
Email: Henry@telecorf.com

RF LAN/WAN Consulting Experience

Mr. Hile was recently contracted to do the RF engineering for the Wireless overlay network of the largest volume specialty retailer in the United States of consumer electronics, personal computers, entertainment software and appliances, (Best Buy Corporation). Involved in the design, engineering, project management, security, testing and commissioning. Over 1150 Cisco AP1200s were deployed.

Mr. Hile has recent experience in the Wireless deployment in one of the nations largest breweries, (Miller Brewing, SAB). Mr. Hile was the project manager for their multi-plant RF LAN rollout. Their RF LAN will use the WLAN for IP telephony, data exchange as well as inventory management and Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) inventory.

Mr. Hile has designed and installed the wireless network for several sites of a prominent motorcycle manufacture.

A large insurance company used Mr. Hile’s services for the consultation and design of a 120 access point installation for wireless VoIP as well as desktop data connectivity.

Mr. Hile has extensive RF WAN architect experience for private networks. Recent projects include point to point, as well as point to multi-point. Clients include government, schools and industry. Mr. Hile designed and installed the wireless network link for the Governor’s Mansion in Madison Wisconsin to the Department of Transportation. Mr. Hile connected the State Hygiene Laboratory building to the State Ag building. He connected the State Employee Trust Fund building to the State ETF annex. He connected the DNR buildings in several remote sites to their outbuildings. The responsibilities in the above have included consulting, concept sales, ROI, quotation, path planning, site survey, computerized modeling, lightning protection and grounding, project management, network optimization, configuration teaching, and maintenance. He has installed the largest number of private RF WANs (Fixed Wireless) in Wisconsin. (And perhaps the Midwest.)

He has been responsible for the RF network design, network analysis, and the optimization of these networks. He makes extensive use of computer-based packages and tools to determine radial terrain profiles, tower heights, antenna heights, and antenna tilt. He has been responsible for end-to-end testing, troubleshooting, and maintenance of RF links via telnet, VPN and RSA. He has configured routers and IP addresses for ease of administration of the RF links.

He has taught RF engineering classes on private network LANS and WANs extensively throughout the Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri and South Dakota.

He has engineered wireless WANs for VoIP with QOS, for BBG, bandwidth, bit rate guarantee.

His solutions have been bleeding edge solutions for difficult installations of RF WANs. He is currently working on several other RF patents applications including AES256 Encryption at 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps and 40 Gbps. His latest is a PIED, programmable inline encryption device. This device goes up to AES2048.


B.A., Physics, Chemistry: DePauw University, Greencastle, IN
Graduate Work: Northwestern University, Chicago, IL

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