June 4, 2004 (Mequon, Wisconsin) – Cisco Systems has named Teleco Systems, Inc. as an Advanced Technology Provider to assist Cisco to bring advanced emerging technologies, such as the MAR 32000, to market.

Teleco Systems specializes in radio frequency, LANS, WANS and broadband communications engineering, installation and service.

“Teleco Systems,” according to Henry Hile, principal, “is ATP certified for the MAR 3200, Cisco’s latest mobile access router, high speed wireless mobile LAN/WAN for police, fire, emergency and homeland security situations. This system is especially provisioned for Homeland security, First Responders and other emergency government situations.

Besides the obvious High Speed data capabilities a major benefit of the 3200 is the ability to tie disparate voice networks together and allow them to talk to one another. This means police two-way radios can talk to fire two-way radios despite the fact they are on different frequencies. This is termed interoperable communications.”

Cisco’s ATP program is designed for partners who provide planning, design, implementation, operation, optimization, product resale professional services and post-sales support for customers. The ATP partners help to bring emerging technologies to market.