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Teleco Starts Pilot Program for Green Bay Public Schools

March 4, 2018 (Mequon, Wisconsin) – Teleco, in conjunction with WiscNet and Green Bay, Wisconsin public schools, received a grant to start a pilot program for Green Bay public schools. The objective is to try the efficiency of white space TV in the delivery of internet to students.

Teleco Performs Professional Office Building Survey

February 16, 2018 (Mequon, Wisconsin) – Having done business with Teleco in the past, the Medical College of Wisconsin called on Teleco to help design the WiFi for their new professional office building. This new building, at 9 stories tall, is the tallest building on their campus. Teleco has been working with the Medical College of Wisconsin since 1988.

Teleco Systems Field Trials Industry’s First Full-Duplex Broadband TV White Space Digital Radio Link

August 17, 2016 (San Diego, CA) – Metric Systems Corporation, (, a San Diego-based manufacturer of White Space Spectrum broadband networking solutions, announced that Teleco Systems demonstrated how a RaptorXR broadband TVWS back-haul link can provide a rural K-12 school with world class broadband service in a few hours with minimum site preparation and without extended height antennas. Read more

Teleco Systems Field Trials Industry’s First Full-Duplex TV White Space (TVWS) Broadband Back-Haul Digital Radio for WiscNet

August 17, 2016 (San Diego, CA) – – Metric Systems Corporation, (, a San Diego-based manufacturer of White Space Spectrum broadband networking solutions, announced that Teleco Systems provided WiscNet (Madison, Wisconsin) an extended on-air demonstration of the RaptorXR UHF Full-Duplex back-haul radio. WiscNet ( is an educational membership organization that provides educational networking services to public and private higher education, K-12 school districts, libraries, municipalities, and hospitals throughout Wisconsin, The demonstration, which took place on August 12, 2016, highlighted the high-speed non line-of-sight capabilities of the RaptorXR operating in the UHF TV White Space Band. Read more

Teleco provides unique solution for Milwaukee County Transit System

September 2012 (Mequon, Wisconsin) – Teleco Systems provided Wi-Fi design, engineering, and installation for the Milwaukee County Transit System’s (MCTS) bus storage garages. Teleco deployed a unique Ethernet extension solution at MCTS that provided cost savings as well as reliable wireless data delivery. MCTS currently uses their Wi-Fi network to track the locations of hundreds of the busses stored in their garages. Watch this video on the MCTS.

Teleco performs predictive WiFi surveys for 83 nursing homes in the Midwest

February 2012 (Mequon, Wisconsin) – Teleco Systems has been hired to perform engineering services for 83 nursing homes managed by Virtual Care Provider, Inc. (VCPI) of Milwaukee. Teleco will be conducing on-site surveys, as well as predictive WiFi desktop surveys, to determine where WiFi access points should be installed in these nursing homes throughout the midwest. Founded in 2000, VCPI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Extendicare REIT, one of the largest operators of long-term care, home health, and assisted living communities in the U.S. and Canada.

Teleco installs video on Blue Light phones at Marquette University

January 2012 (Mequon, Wisconsin) – Teleco Systems has completed additional outdoor RF network installations for remote video on the Marquette University campus in Milwaukee. This service links cameras to the Command Information Center in the Department of Public Safety at Marquette University. To provide members of the Marquette and surrounding community with a direct means of contacting Public Safety, the university maintains Blue Light and Service phones. These phones are placed through university buildings, apartments, parking areas and the near off-campus areas. Currently, the Department of Public Safety monitors more than 300 Blue Light and Service Phones, providing a direct link to the Department of Public Safety Command Information Center. This has been an on-going project for Teleco.

Teleco designs and implements WiFi system for Milwaukee County Transit System

October 2011 (Mequon, Wisconsin) – Providing Milwaukee County Transit System with WiFi in their bus storage facilities presented some unique challenges. In order to provide adequate WiFi signal to buses in the storage warehouses, wireless access points were required where no reliable power sources were available. Additionally the required access point mounting sites were outside the standard power over Ethernet range. Teleco was able to overcome this lack of power availability with a unique power over Ethernet solution. This allowed for a cost effective installation of WiFi where it would not have been financially possible without Teleco’s unique design.

Teleco helps North Chicago Police Department

October 2011 (Mequon, Wisconsin) – Teleco designed and implemented a wireless bridge network supplying video feeds to 5 remote surveillance cameras in high crime areas for the North Chicago Police Department. In order to extend the North Chicago Police Department’s (NCPD) network to 5 high crime camera sites extensive wireless bridging was used.  Teleco determined the optimal location for the remote camera utility poles where line of sight was available to the NCPD communications tower.  Directional bridge antennas were installed at the local and remote sites and Cisco bridge radios were installed to complete the links.  Camera equipment was then coupled to the wireless data bridges and reliable video feeds were established.

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