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Wireless Cisco bridge links help Minnesota Teen Challenge facilities communicate

August 2011 (Mequon, Wisconsin) – Teleco Systems has supplied several wireless Cisco bridge links to Minnesota Teen Challenge providing reliable wireless communication links between multiple MNTC facilities. In order to wirelessly link multiple MNTC facilities at a manageable cost to MNTC, Teleco Systems pre-configured multiple bridge radios.  Once the bridges were tested in Teleco’s lab they were shipped to MNTC.  With phone support from Teleco engineers, MNTC was able to install and establish two wireless bridge links.

AT&T uses Teleco for McDonald’s Corporate outdoor wireless infrastructure

December 2009 (Oak Brook, IL) – Cisco MESH access points were used extensively throughout McDonald’s Corporate Parking Lost to light up the outdoor video surveillance project. IP Video and IP telephony combined with the Cisco AP1522 Access Points were used to provide a best of breed solution for keeping employees safe and in touch with Corporate Security.

Teleco helps First Responders in Rock County

December 2009 (Mequon, Wisconsin) – Rock County, Wisconsin, uses Teleco for FEMA Grant Emergency Government provisioning. Cielo licensed radios were installed at the center of the county and reached out to surrounding communities. First responders throughout the county will now have hi-speed immediate access to the county network.

Teleco troubleshoots for Chicago’s United Center

October 2008 (Mequon, Wisconsin) – Teleco recently served as the RF engineering consultant to troubleshoot Chicago’s United Center RF infrastructure.  The United Center, home to the Chicago Blackhawks and Chicago Bulls, is the largest arena in the United States.  Teleco was proud to be a part of the RF solution for the arena.

RF infrastructure revamped at Excel Energy Center

July 2008 (Mequon, Wisconsin) – Teleco partook in the revamping of the RF infrastructure of the Excel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Just before the Republican National Convention came to St. Paul in August, Teleco was brought in to re-engineer the wireless access for the vendors, guests and management for the arena.

Wireless infrastructure to improve efficiency throughout Wauwatosa’s municipal community

July 2007 (Mequon, Wisconsin) – The City of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, has hired Teleco Systems to assist the City in procuring video surveillance for their water utility infrastructure, as well as a private wireless infrastructure for all City departments to use now or in the future. Teleco Systems will also help identify other municipal uses that will benefit from wireless connectivity, such as wireless water meter reading and in-the-field data transmission for building inspection and property assessment functions. This technology could also be used to reduce or eliminate T1 lines and their monthly fees or to provide backup for disaster response and recovery.  The goal is to use the wireless infrastructure to its fullest extent to improve efficiency throughout the municipal community.

Health East Hospitals Adds Wireless

May 2007 (Mequon, Wisconsin) – Health East Hospitals in Minneapolis/St. Paul use Teleco for wireless voice and data engineering. The hospital use Vocera Badges, ( for nurse communications on the patient floors. The success of the project is heavily dependent on good wireless engineering.

Teleco Becomes VAR for Protexx

January 2007 (Mequon, Wisconsin) – Teleco now offers an exclusive 2048 bit dynamic Encryption algorithm.  The 2048 bit encryption is available only in the United States.   Teleco is a VAR for the manufacturer of this product, Protexx.  Their offering for this encryption security is targeted to high level law enforcement, FBI, Homeland Security and the National Security Agency.  For more information, please write to

Teleco Partners with Andrew Corporation

December 2006 (Mequon, Wisconsin) – Teleco has partnered with Andrew Corporation to offer Andrew’s Distributed Antenna System (DAS) to Hospitals and the Enterprise market. Teleco is already in these verticals and can readily identify with the amount of precise engineering needed for multi-carrier cellular solutions. Teleco and Andrew together will engineer solutions to ensure that any cell phone can talk at anytime and anywhere in a building, such as a stadium, hospital or other large building.

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