October 2005 (Mequon, Wisconsin) – Teleco has just been granted ATP status from Cisco on the Cisco AP1500. The AP1500 is a new dual frequency radio designed for outdoor city-wide deployment in grid or mesh wireless networks. One 2.4GHz radio serves as a WiFi “Hotspot”. It broadcasts data to surrounding vehicles equipped with WiFi laptops. The Internet access or WAN backhaul is accomplished with the “A” radio portion. The “A” radio can connect to a high tower RF source, to another AP1500 or to a wired link to the WAN. The radio is smart enough to search for the best connection for the backhaul. Thus the “mesh” network.

Teleco is one of the few Cisco partners in the world to have the ATP status on the AP1500. Teleco is also an ATP partner on Cisco’s MAR3200. These two products are slated to be extremely important in the deployment of emergency government wireless networks.